Professional medical practice by thyroid specialist (Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Graves' disease, thyroid echo, etc.)

Japan Thyroid Association certified thyroid specialist

Nagasaki thyroid clinic (Osaka) is Japan Thyroid Association certified thyroid clinic as a special institute of the thyroid disease, such as Graves ' disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis(chronic thyroiditis).

The latest and professional examination / treatment of thyroid by thyroid specialist, Toshiki Nagasaki, MD, Ph.D. who had learned at Osaka City University and  certified from Japan Thyroid Association

for more information please refer to the the latest and professional examination / treatment

Especially good at ultrasound (echo) examination for thyroid gland!
For the first visit of thyroid patients, thyroid specialist himself performs thyroid ultrasound (echo) examination on the spot and with commentary in real time.

Thyroid     Atherosclerosis      Endocrine and Metabolism (Parathyroid / Adrenal glands / Pituitary / Pregnancy / Infertility, etc.) 

Thyroid  ②    Thyroid  ③    Diabetes 

Nagasaki thyroid clinic (Osaka) is presented as Nagasaki Kojosen Clinic Osaka in US google guidance

Thyroid boy in Nagasaki Thyroid Clinic (Osaka)

(→) Thyroid boy as Yuru-Chara (costumed mascot character) of Nagasaki Thyroid Clinic (Osaka)

Director Toshiki Nagasaki, MD, Ph.D.

Lecturer of Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine (Department of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Molecular Medicine)
Japan Thyroid Association certified thyroid specialist

Director Toshiki Nagasaki, MD, Ph.D. is Japan guru and one of the world authority of the research on atherosclerosis in thyroid disease. Our studies on atherosclerosis  in hypothyroidism/ Hashimoto's thyroiditis has been published in the American and European journals. In addition, we have published several papers of hyperthyroidism/ Graves' disease in European journals. For more information, please visit director profile (in Japanease)

refer to our paper by clicking the "Pub Med" bar 

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Director Toshiki Nagasaki, MD, Ph.D.

Message from the director

With clinical and research experience devoted for 23 years. I have unwavering confidence in specialized area.

Medical practice based on the scientific basis [EBM (Evidence-based Medicine)] ------ On the basis of medical journals, clinical results and papers by other researchers and ourselves we present treatment policy also considering intention of patients.

Nagasaki thyroid clinic (Osaka)

Reception time 

Reception time for first visitor

  Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
AM9:00-10:40 × ×
PM3:00-6:00 × ×
  • For the first visit of thyroid patients, for ultrasound (echo) examination on the spot and commentary in real time, please arrive as early as possible in the reception time. Furthermore, in order to apply the echo probe on the neck, please come dressed like neck out.
  • Those who have been inspected at another hospital, please bring the data and medicine notebook you got in the pharmacy (drug information)
  • Minors should always come by accompanied adults.
  • If the patient visit out of the reception time, we reject.
  • A troblesome child (violent or destroys a thing) should not be acommpanied.
  • Second opinion is not accepted, since it is out of the insurance coverage in Japan. Would you please consult again your attending doctor or search other hospital which accepts second opinion?

     In the same reason, those receiving treatment in the other hospital are not accepted.(about second opinion in Japan

    We wellcome permanent and semi-permanent residents undergoing treatment in Japan and in our clinic.
  • We understand only Japanease and English, while the other language is out of our recognition.

Recent congestion

Especially,  the rainy day on which turnout is poor, is the aim eyes

Please confirm

Tel (06)6607-7619 (Please call within practice time. )

  • No appointment. (Reservation is necessaly only for visitors who come in three or more people)
  • Letter of introduction is not required. Please bring your medicine handbook and data for blood sampling results of another hospital. for reference. 
  • Private parking is not available, but close to several pay parking ( 24 h Times  bis Takamiya , etc.)  Since close to the railwar station, it is convenient to take advantage of the train.
  • Telephone question or telephone consultation of illnessis are not accepted.
  • Telephone description of the results of examination, we have refused.

As medical care system in Japan, "face-to-face" is the principle medical practice. Would you give your understanding? Thank you.

Access method- Google Map

2-1-16, Takaai,  Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-city 546-0014, Japan

  • 2-minute walk from Harinakano Station - Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line  ( 10 minutes by local train  from Abenobashi Station )
  • By car: close to several pay parking ( 2 4 h Times bis Takamiya , etc.)
    Arriving through highway (Inter): 720m from Komagawa IC, on No. 14 Matsubara line, Hanshin Expressway

Those who come from other prefectures or overseas, please refer to the route map. 

In any route you have to transfer to local train of Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line at Tennoji Station (= Abenobashi Station under Abeno-Harukasu).

Please walk to the crossroads along the railway directed to the south and turned to the right to the next crossroads.

After a very short walk again to the south, you can find the building of Nagasaki Thyroid Clinic.

Medical examination by interview

Would you please complete and print "Medical examination by interview" before your visit and show us at reception in Nagasaki Thyroid Clinic ?

  Medical examination by interview

Name                                                     Age                         Gender:  male     female

Tel.〔  〕


What's the trouble?  When did you first start having this trouble?

Do you have a fever?

1,  Yes                 ℃            2,  No

Have you ever taken major diseases?

1,   Yes  (When?                         What kind of disease?                                                           )

2,    No

Have you ever got drug-induced hives or allergies?     

1,  Yes(What kind of drugs?)

2,  No

Do you have asthma, hay fever, hives (atopic dermatitis)?

1,  Yes(Which of them?                                                                                                        )

2,   No

Body height                     cm                  Body Weight                    kg

Are you a smoker?

1,   Yes(               cigarettes/day)                  2,   No

Are there any relatives of thyroid disease?

1,   Yes(relation                        What kind?                                                )     2,   No

Female only:Are you pregnant now? 

1,   Yes(                gestational week)          2,No 

Do you want pregnancy in the near future?

1,   Yes(when                                     )          2,No

When is your  menopause?

1,                        years old                2,  No


For all patients who seek expert medical care

With best regards,

Yours sincerely.

Thyroid boy in Nagasaki Thyroid Clinic (Osaka)


甲状腺(橋本病,バセドウ病,甲状腺エコー等)専門医・動脈硬化・内分泌・糖尿病の長崎クリニック(大阪市東住吉区)(近く に平野区、住吉区、阿倍野区、松原市)




  • 近鉄「針中野駅」 徒歩2分
  • 大阪メトロ 谷町線「駒川中野駅」
  • 阪神高速14号松原線 「駒川IC」から720m



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